Please note: at the moment the map is a work in progress. I hope to gradually fill it out over the next few months. Please do comment if you have some ideas for countries not covered or if you disagree with any of the estimates.

Most of you already know that asking about the typical TEFL salary is like asking about the length of a piece of string. It varies so widely between countries and qualifications and even individual schools that there is no typical.

The map below is an attempt to give you a rough idea. Hover to see average salaries, click to see more details.




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You can see crowd-sourced information about the cost of living in various cities on Numbeo.


All prices quoted are US Dollars.

Sources: Dave’s ESL Cafe,,, i-to-i Job Board, TEFL Org Job Board, ESL Employment and the Jobs Abroad Bulletin.


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  1. Nice website…Would be great if you could change the currency of the values you provide. E.g. give an option to choose to show average salaries in GBP rather than USD. Thanks

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